Shooting incident at a recreational area in Amsterdam | Inland


At the moment, the police can only report that a shooting incident took place on the Anton Schleperspad near the Oeverlanden park at around 4.25 pm. One person was injured in the process, but it is unknown what exactly the injuries entail.

The police expect to be able to provide more information later.

With this nice weather, the Oeverlanden is a popular swimming spot on the Nieuwe Meer.


The police also issued a description for the fugitive suspect on Saturday afternoon. It would be a man of 20-30 years old. He has a light brown complexion, black curls and a lean build. He was wearing blue swimming trunks, a purse and sunglasses. He also wore a hat.

The police call on the suspect not to approach the suspect himself, but to call 112.


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