Shoe store Bristol closes stores in the Netherlands again | NOW


Shoe store chain Bristol will close six stores in the coming months, parent company Euro Shoe Group announced on Friday. The number mentioned is part of a total of seventeen store closures planned this year. Eleven Bristol stores have already closed their doors.

Of the eleven Bristol branches that have since been closed, seven were in the Netherlands. Owner Euro Shoe Group cannot confirm that the remaining six stores are all located in the Netherlands, but that “the center of gravity” of the proposed store closures is more in our country than in Belgium. Bristol is also unable to comment on when the six stores will close.

The shoe retail chain closed 2019, when it closed eight stores in the Netherlands, with a loss of 6.2 million euros, a decrease of 3.1 percent compared to the previous year. Turnover decreased by 13.8 million euros to 183.7 million euros.


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