Shocking: ‘Adults in the family are in danger of life happily’


a a A First practical results for the Corona Projector Prof. Roni Gamzo’s tour of Modi’in Illit: The city’s rabbis are today (Wednesday) calling on celebrities and hall managers to properly observe the precautionary rules, describing what causes disregard for guidelines: real life danger to family members, especially adults.

Yesterday, as mentioned, Gamzo took the tour, “with the aim of closely monitoring the ways to help the city reduce the morbidity rate,” as he later explained, in light of the fact that Modi’in Illit tops the list of ‘red’ cities and is defined as a hotspot.

“The key to truncating the infection chain begins with the management of the head of the local authority,” said Professor Yaakov Gutterman, “together with the Home Front Command, the police and the district health bureau. The authorities that succeeded in reducing the infection acted in this way.”

Kikar Hashabat has learned that this meeting raised the issue of celebrations, many times, in violation of the mandatory precautionary rules, and as a result, one of the senior officials in the local authority declared to Gimzo: “We promise that the city will be more than twenty participants at each event.”

Projector Gamzo in Modi’in Illit, yesterday (Photo: Magen Israel spokeswoman)

Following this, as mentioned, the rabbis of the city, led by Mira Datra, Gr.

“Unfortunately,” the rabbis write, “since the last days of Purim we have had to hold limited celebrations with various restrictions, which completely changes the form of joy to which we are accustomed. But the necessity will not be regretted, apparently when the rules are not kept in rejoicing.”

At this stage, the harsh reality is presented: “This causes many people to become infected, including older people in the family who are in danger of life, have mercy on them. Therefore, it is a double and multiplied duty to be careful and very careful to observe according to all precautionary rules.”
“On the owners of the halls,” the rabbis rule, “condition with the owners of the joy on their commitment to guard – as follows:

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A. It is the responsibility of the happy owners to make sure that there are no people among the participants who owe isolation.
B. Masks should be worn throughout the event, except while eating.
third. Keep the number set, and sit at a distance from each other especially at meal time, which is without masks.
D. The dances will be performed without giving each other a hand, but while keeping a distance with masks, and in small groups.
God. “Eating should be sitting around a table and not standing at a bar with other people.”

The rabbis explain: “As people who are anxious for God’s word, we are supposed to strive to maintain our health, and the dignity of the others around us, and everyone has a duty to take care of that.”

“Also, the responsibility to the entire public must be taken into account, that the proliferation of infected people may eventually lead the authorities to cause the closure of churches and seminaries in the SD that are open and do not pose a danger.”

Finally, the rabbis of Modi’in Illit state that “each of us has a responsibility not to cause any harm, neither in body and soul nor in spirit,” and welcome that “with the reward of intercession, we will have the blessing” and the boats will be sick of you “Amen.”


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