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After a year and a half in office, the Football Association estimates that the chairman of the Referees Union, Ronit Tirosh, will soon end her role. The reason: a sharp verbal confrontation with the union’s CEO, Yariv Tepper, at the last board meeting – during which, according to union officials, Tirosh tried to make other decisions than those made by the professional committee, contrary to the judges’ union’s bylaws and the attorney general’s recommendation.

Tirosh, according to union officials, ignored the budget framework set by the association in light of the difficult economic situation during the Corona period. These things join the great anger that exists in the Football Association against Tirosh, in light of the media interviews in which she stated that she would send all the referees to the polygraph at the end of the season and damaged the referees’ trust.

“Either claw or mustard, only one can stay,” the judges’ union clarified this morning, bringing Oren Hasson to try and solve the tangle that was created. The chairman of the association is expected to summon the two to a meeting, after which it will be decided whether to continue on the road, if at all.

Meanwhile in the union, the rush is celebrating. All-inclusive contracts expire at the end of each season and are renewed on August 1st. Currently, when the professional activity has begun, no one in the various committees has a contract and in fact works in violation of state law with the employment contract. No date has been set for a fitness test, a date for a constitution test and no board meeting has been set to approve the incumbents and work plan for next season.

Tiroche and the Football Association declined to comment, Tepper’s response will be brought when received.


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