Ships Ilse Uyttersprot murdered found in Aalst (Aalst)


Ilse Uyttersprot
Photo: lds

Aalst –
Ships and former mayor Ilse Uyttersprot (53) was found murdered in the Meuleschettestraat in Aalst. Current mayor Christoph D’Haese (N-VA) confirms this to our editorial staff. The police is investigating the case.

“I am just astonished and unbelieved to hear of the death of Ilse Uyttersprot in dramatic circumstances,” Mayor D’Haese tells our editorial staff. “When I heard the news about the murder / manslaughter on Ilse, I was grounded. I hear that the perpetrator would have reported himself, but the exact circumstances will be further investigated by the police and public prosecutor’s office in the coming hours. My thoughts go primarily to Ilse’s two children and her close relatives. They will be able to use all the support in the coming weeks and months. No one deserves to lose a mother at this young age. No one should die so young. I hope that the circumstances are cleared up quickly and that the perpetrator is punished appropriately. On behalf of the entire city council and myself, I offer the family and friends of Ilse our feelings of compassion. I sincerely wish them a lot of strength. ”


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