Shipbuilder Damen wants to cut 1050 jobs


In the Netherlands, this concerns 173 full-time jobs, also known as full-time equivalent (FTE). In Romania, 870 jobs will be cut, spokesman Rick van de Weg reports from Het Financieele Dagblad. In addition, working time reductions are temporarily introduced in shipyards in Poland and Ukraine.

13 million state aid

About 5000 people work in Romania and about the same in the Netherlands, Van de Weg estimates. In the Netherlands, jobs are lost at the locations Gorinchem, Schiedam and the Frisian Bergum.

In the months of March to May, the company received a total of more than 13 million euros in support from the Dutch state to continue to pay staff salaries. This is evident from the list of the UWV, which lists all companies that have made use of the NOW scheme.

Moving to Vlissingen?

How many jobs will disappear per location will depend on the discussions with unions and the works council, says Van de Weg. If possible, people are offered to work at a different location.

At the shipyard in Vlissingen, where yachts are being built, things are going very well. A move to Zeeland will not be an option for every employee, he acknowledges.

Problems have been going on for some time

The company’s problems predate the corona crisis and were caused, among other things, by the fact that the offshore industry is struggling just as hard.

The company suffered a loss of 287 million euros last year, the highest ever in history. The shipbuilder struggled with various problem projects, the risks of which turned out to be much greater than originally anticipated.

Tugboat order postponed

The corona crisis has only exacerbated the situation. “Repairs to cruise ships are postponed, for example, or the order of a new tug or dredger,” explains Van de weg. The financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak is unknown. The company publishes financial figures only once a year.

Earlier this year, Damen Shipyards still received the coveted order of approximately 4.6 billion euros from the German Navy for the construction of four warships.


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