Shimon Aboudrahm will replace Avi Musler as Amot’s CEO


Shimon Aboudrahm has been appointed CEO of the income-producing real estate company I will die And he will take office on September 1st. This, after Avi Mussler, the company’s CEO for the past 15 years, asked about a month ago to end his position and turn to private pursuits.

Lavoudrahm (52, married +4), has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, most of them in public real estate companies, including 15 years in senior management positions. Aboudrahm joined Amot Investment 12 years ago, during which time he served as Chief Engineer and then as VP of Engineering. 4 years ago he was appointed CEO of the subsidiary Amot Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Development. Yield real estate for Amot investments.

Meanwhile, the company updated on the appointment of Yehudit Singer, Amot’s CFO, to the position of Deputy CEO. Singer joined Amot about 14 years ago, close to the acquisition of the company by Aloni Hetz. Initially, she served as the company’s CFO, and about a decade ago she was appointed CFO.

As mentioned, Avi Musler, CEO of Amot for the past 15 years, announced in early July to the company’s board of directors that he wanted to end his position and turn to private business. Mussler has been the living spirit of the lucrative real estate company for the past 15 years and the one who helped Amot grow and expand.

Amot is controlled by a company Arrows .

Musler is retiring at a very challenging time for the income-producing real estate companies, whose revenues could be significantly hurt in the coming quarters and years following the corona plague and the transition of many companies and workers to work from home.


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