Shimon Aboudrahm will be promoted to CEO of Amot


The successor of Amot Investments’ CEO has been found: The income-producing real estate company of the Aloni Hetz Group announced today (Sunday) the appointment of Shimon Aboudrahm, CEO of Amot Entrepreneurship, as CEO of the company.

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Aboudrahm will take up his post on September 1st. The appointment comes after Avi Musler, the company’s CEO for the past 15 years, surprised about a month ago when he asked to end his position and turn to private pursuits.

Shimon Aboudrahm, incoming CEO of Amot Photo: Tamar Mitzpi

Aboudrahm has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, most of them in public real estate companies. Of which 15 years in senior management positions. He joined Amot Investments 12 years ago, and served as Chief Engineer and later as VP of Engineering. Four years ago, he was appointed CEO of the subsidiary Amot Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Development Ltd. In this context, he was entrusted with leading the activities of the initiation, development, planning and establishment of income-producing real estate for Amot Investments.

Avi Musler, CEO"To the deaths of the retiree Avi Musler, CEO of Amot HaPorsh Photo: Amit Shaal

The company also announced the appointment of CFO Yehudit Singer to the position of Deputy CEO. Singer joined Amot about 14 years ago, close to the acquisition of the company by Aloni Hetz. Initially, she served as the company’s CFO, and about a decade ago she was appointed CFO. Prior to joining Amot, she served as CFO of Metro Motor Marketing Ltd.

During the tenure of Aboudrahm as CEO of Amot’s subsidiary, the company’s existing income-producing assets portfolio was expanded to include a variety of start-up and self-construction assets, including the following projects: Amot Park Afek, Amot Platinum, Amot Atrium, ToHa Project, Amot Holon Campus , Marlog Modiin, Lehi Complex Bnei Brak and more. Aboudraham holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from the Technion, a master’s degree in real estate M.RE from the Technion and a master’s degree in business administration from Bar-Ilan University.

Nathan Hetz, Chairman of Amot Investments, said today: “I congratulate Shimon on his entry into the position of CEO of Amot and I am full of satisfaction from the fact that we have an experienced and valued team of executives within the group, which allows us to promote excellent executives from within the house.” Aboudrahm said that “as someone who has been a part of the company for over a decade, I have learned to cherish its business culture and the unique DNA that characterizes it.”


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