Shifts at Standard: Venanzi welcomes new investor and remains chairman – Football News


A lot is afoot in Standard’s boardroom. It is no secret that Standard is not financially wide. However, this could soon change. After all, François Fornieri, a businessman, would buy in and take over at least half of the shares.

That knows The last news. François Fornieri is a 58-year-old businessman, who founded and led pharma company Mithra to the top. Mithra has even been listed on the stock exchange, and the stock market value for the corona crisis was estimated at no less than 1 billion euros.

Fornieri would buy at least 50% of the shares of Bruno Venanzi, who will remain as chairman of the Rouches, by the way. In addition, a new Board of Directors would also be assembled.

According to expectations, the deal will be officially confirmed this week. In any case, it would provide the necessary financial breathing space for the Rouches, who could only secure their proficiency for the coming season for the BAS.


Standard confirms the news via the website. “Fornieri becomes a shareholder in Standard de Liège and becomes managing director together with Bruno Venanzi.” Venanzi remains chairman of the Rouches.


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