Shasha Bitton – Report: Bennett tried to recruit the MK for his party


Is the chairman of the Corona committee, Yifat Shasha Bitton, on his way to leave the Likud and move to the right? Tonight (Thursday) it was reported in “News 12” that the party’s chairman Naftali Bennett was thinking of taking advantage of the murky relations created between the MK and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and recruiting Shasha Bitton to his party.

In recent weeks, Shasha Bitton has been sharply criticized by Prime Minister Netanyahu and senior Likud figures, in light of her refusal to verbally approve the restrictions approved by the government to fight the Corona.

On Tuesday, Coalition Chairman Miki Zohar sent a letter of resignation to Shasha Bitton from the Corona Committee, a move that may not materialize but indicates the tense relations between it and the Prime Minister, which culminated in the decision not to align with government restrictions.

The MK reacted to Zohar’s decision to remove her from the chairmanship of the Corona Committee, after many storms that took place on the issue. She wrote on her Twitter account: “I acted on a conscientious order! The prime minister’s decision to fire me is a decision aimed at preventing serious discussions, preventing dialogue, preventing listening to the public, preventing other voices from speaking. I am glad I opened the committee to the public in transparency, Seriously, with full listening and I pledge to continue to do so in the future wherever I am. “

MK Miki Zohar (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

MK Zohar wrote in response on his Twitter account: “It is my role and duty to ensure the integrity of the coalition. Recently, there has been a loosening of coalition discipline that makes it difficult for us to work for the people of Israel. In a joint consultation with the Prime Minister, it was decided to impose sanctions on those who violated discipline, as has been the practice of all Israeli governments for generations. I’m sorry that there are those who do not know how to accept criticism and choose to shoot inside the ADF.

Zohar also tweeted: “There are not 12 MKs who signed my removal from office. It is clear to everyone that the Pike News industry in the media is working against me just as it is working against the Prime Minister. I thank him again for his full support to the initiators of the move.” I will continue to work for the citizens of Israel, the Likud movement and the Prime Minister without fear and without fear.


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