Sharon Nisnov attacks: “Degani does not believe in his own lies”


After officially signing yesterday evening in Betar Jerusalem, Hapoel Tel Aviv parted ways with Uriel Degani, and the owners’ division did not end the captain’s term in a pleasant manner. “Uriel does not believe in his own lies. What he asked for in exchange for a small cut, he got “, attacked one of the owners, Sharon Nisnov.

“He told me that his dream is to play abroad and he will only move abroad,” Nisnov explained. “Or he will stay at Hapoel Tel Aviv with the offer I gave him, so I agreed that he would go abroad for free. I would not be surprised if at the end of the year he wants to leave Betar, if another team offers him five thousand dollars more,” he concluded with a sting.

Meanwhile, the club insists that they resolve the issue of additional collateral, which the budget control together with Adv. Amit Pines, the legal advisor of the Football Association, oblige them to set against foreign debts (the debts to UEFA and FIFA that have been dragging on since the liquidation days ). These are collateral in the amount of NIS 5-6 million, and the owners of the group are trying to resolve the issue legally.

Since the team has not yet passed control, it will not be able to play with all its players in tomorrow’s game against MS Ashdod in the Toto Cup. Ernestas Shtakos and Vigal Becker will not be able to sign up because they will take in the league last year. Niv Serdel will register as an examinee, as well as the new foreigners who have arrived, Armando Cooper, Levan Kotlia and Omar Brown.


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