Shahar: An era is over in Be’er Sheva. I wanted to get out of the comfort zone


The departure of Ben Shehar She is without a doubt no less than a hit for Hapoel Beer Sheva. Inter and Celtic snatched from him, in the Premier League he won games and even when strikers came to his place, he always showed in the end that he is the best GSS can get. After five years at the club, he signed with Apoel Nicosia for two years as revealed on the sports channel, but even if he returns “After these two years and according to the contract with him, and even if not, Ben Shehar will be remembered in the WC forever as one of the greatest strikers of the club of all time.

Now some numbers
Shehar is placed Friday on the club’s all-time conquerors list with 83 goals. Above him are Rafi Elia with 85, Avraham Noma with 87, Shmuel Admon with 89 and in the first two places Meir Barad with 103 and Shalom Avitan with 116. If he had continued with his contract at BS, and according to his great statistics during his years at the club, it was probably just It was a matter of time before he would conquer the summit.

Today he stayed somewhere else. Next week he will celebrate his 31st birthday, married to Liron and already a father of two. After playing for Chelsea, KPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Portsmouth, De Harpschap, Espanyol, Hertha Berlin, Arminia Bilmfeld, Willem 2, Hapoel Tel Aviv and BS, he continues to fulfill a dream – this time on the neighboring island, in the team Luxury in Cypriot football.

While Sha’aran Zehavi, Moanes Dabour, Tomer Hemed, Dia Seba and Sean Weissman regularly receive summonses for the national team, Shahar now hopes that Willy Rotensteiner and Alon Hazan will respect him more. Since the game against Latvia in June last year he has not been called up. The striker, who has eight goals in 44 appearances, knows his place is there.

In a comprehensive interview conducted through Zoom, Shehar explained the decision to leave BS: “If I had stayed, I might have become the big conquerors at Hapoel BS. The decision was difficult not only because of it. I had to move my whole family to another country, But in the end I made the decision wholeheartedly. I wanted it mostly for myself. To challenge myself again and get out of the comfort zone. I got all the degrees in the WC and the best gift I could get was the trophy at the end of the season. In the end, it went well for both sides and I helped BS in terms of budget.

Was it right to leave BS during the difficult economic period: “I do not think Ben Bitton and I left BS. This is not the feeling of the fans. I received thousands of messages from the fans. Even if I cut back a lot, BS was still hard to keep me . I did for my house so I agreed to give up a lot of money for the club to exist in the years to come. “It took me a long time to make a decision because I wanted to see what was happening in the WC in terms of budget and money and then came Apoel Nicosia. After you understand that the WC can not leave me on my terms, I felt it was time to go.”

On the future of BS: “I would say you have an era in BS. It is not going to be the big team of recent years. I played here with players in the first championships who will not return. There is one or two players left since. When you have an era then a new era opens and I hope “There will be a new era for this club. There are good people in the club like Melixon, Barda, Rahamim and Aboksis. It will not be easy and it will take time. Hopefully they will eventually be able to get on the right path.”

The striker said of the choice of Nicosia: “A lot of things happened together that ultimately led me to the decision. The fact that a big club like Nicosia participates in European factories every year, gave me a big push. “I’m glad I came to a huge club and I’m happy.”

On the conditions in Nicosia: “I played against them but as soon as you get here, you understand from the first second the size of the club. The training complex is huge, I was in shock. Huge and well-equipped pool, Jacuzzi pools and cold pools. 6-7 physiotherapists. See it “From the first second. You walk down the street, most people support the team. Everywhere you know the club in the world, a lot of foreigners come here. I came to a place where I have to prove that I can handle here too and I am very happy. The team is under construction and some new players have arrived.”

On the period of the championships in BS, he said: “I can not say for sure if BS is the biggest team I have been in the country, because at Hapoel Tel Aviv we were in the Champions League. But the strengths that this group had in the good times, a few years ago when we were in Europe, were insane. In the second season the championship we took, was very powerful. I remember teams and players would come to Turner and be scared. We felt with our strengths in the locker room that from the first minutes we crushed the opposing team. “These are strengths that I do not know if they will be in the WC.” There was a rare connection with the players and the professional team and it was fun to belong to such a team. ”

On a personal level, Shehar said: “Anyone who knows me a little off the field himself, knows that I am a person who comes every training and every game, my life is football. I give myself every day for this thing. Come and dedicate myself. It does not matter good or not Well, also socially in the locker room, I always knew how to say the right word and pick up the players. It’s not things you see. I always made sure the club in that respect and the players were strong and professional. I tried to set an example for young people and show them how to come to practice and play. “On the field. These are things that people who know me personally see.”


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