Severe weather expected at Lake Garda: ‘Suddenly it can start to haunt here’


Groninger Fré Wijnholds has been coming to Lake Garda for years. “It can be so haunting here. Now it is sunny and beautiful at our campsite, for example, but that can change from one moment to the next,” says the ANWB member who has been helping Dutch people with bad luck in the holiday area for years.

Now he enjoys a holiday at camping Gasparina. His place, right on the lake.

Code red

The Italian authorities have issued a code red for Lake Garda. This applies to the area up to Venice.

“Tens of millimeters of rain and wind gusts of up to 100 km per hour are expected in a short time,” explains Brian Verhoeven, meteorologist from Buienradar. “That’s really big, especially when you’re in a tent.”


Yesterday it was already a hit, says holidaymaker Fré. Everything flew through the air. “At our campsite, branches have been cleared all day and other blown-away stuff. The funny thing is: now it is sunny and there seems to be no dirt in the air. But it can turn around.”

So everyone is ready. “Especially the Italians, because the Dutch are very quiet with us. The campsite is really empty. People are hitting pegs in the ground en are drawing extra lines. You never know.”

How is it possible?

Hailstones the size of ping pong balls and endless hard rain with strong wind. Things can get really bad at Lake Garda. How is that possible? Philippe Schambergen is a meteorologist himself and happens to be on holiday near Lake Garda.

The weather warning has not escaped him either. “This makes my heart beat faster. Today I am going to drive south of Lake Garda to film it.”


That the weather can get so bad and angry at the tourist attraction is due to the location of the lake, explains Schambergen. Namely: south of the Alps with many high mountains.

“The southern side of the Alps is often supplied with warmth and moisture from the Mediterranean Sea. That is enough for heavy thunderstorms. If that warm, humid air also hits the Alps, it gives an extra push, which makes it weather can be extremely extreme above Lake Garda, especially in summer. ”

Be prepared

Severe weather is expected around Lake Garda tonight and tonight. “Holidaymakers should be well prepared. Wind gusts of 100 kilometers per hour and so much rain for a tent is not wrong. Some extra measures can do no harm,” says meteorologist Verhoeven.

It will remain restless in the coming days. “Peace seems to return on Wednesday”, Verhoeven concludes.


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