Several drowning people on a sweltering Sunday in the Netherlands: …


The rescue brigade in the Netherlands has been busy on Sunday with people who got into trouble at sea. Two men who were taken from the sea near The Hague on Sunday afternoon after getting into trouble there, have died. It also went wrong elsewhere. According to HNNieuws, two beachgoers drowned in Wijk aan Zee and Zandvoort. The victims were removed from the North Sea unconscious and resuscitated, but to no avail.

There were dangerous currents in several places in the sea along the coast. According to the rescue squad, the combination of strong currents and the wind that had risen created “a very treacherous sea”.

The red flag has been raised along the entire coast of North Holland. “Enter the water up to knee height. Follow instructions from the rescue brigade and emergency services! ”Is the advice of the NHN Safety Region. Earlier in the day, that red flag was also raised for the entire 11-kilometer-long beach of The Hague. There too the message was given: do not go swimming, the sea is dangerous.

It was very busy on the beach of The Hague on Sunday. Dozens of people had to be taken from the sea. The men who died in The Hague are a 24-year-old man without a permanent place of residence and residence who was rescued from the sea around 4:30 PM and a 28-year-old man who was taken out of the water around 1:00 PM. Both men were resuscitated after they were taken out of the water on the Zuiderstrand, but died nevertheless, the police report.


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