Serena Williams has lived the past months as a “hermit”: “I want to go to US Open” | Tennis


Serena Williams has no plans to withdraw from either of the two upcoming grand slam tournaments, the US Open and Roland Garros. “I can see myself playing everything when it comes,” says the 38-year-old American.

“But I’m not planning too much for the future, as tournaments are also being canceled. I thought: we’ll just keep training and then we’ll see.”

Williams did training on her own track, which was recently built out of necessity. “My husband built that court for me. The tennis court is my own sanctuary. I wondered why I didn’t do that 20 years ago.”

Williams has a history of pulmonary embolism and has been careful since the coronavirus outbreak for that reason. “I was really a bit of a hermit,” said Williams, who barely left her home for the past six months.

And when she traveled, she was safe than sorry. “I have 50 masks with me when I travel. I never want to be without them again.”


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