See online which places in Utrecht are busy


The province of Utrecht today launched an online pressure monitor, the Pressure Monitor Utrecht. Visitors can read on a digital map which locations are busy or quiet. Green is calm, orange means medium crowds and red is busy.

The province wants to use the pressure monitor to spread the visit to recreational areas and shopping areas, so that everyone can celebrate responsible holidays in their own country.

“We are pleased that residents and visitors in our region are going out again, which is also important for the entrepreneurs in the recreation sector and the catering industry who have been hit hard by the corona crisis. It is of course important that this is done safely, ”said Arne Schaddelee, Deputy Recreation and Tourism, during the monitor’s production process.

The map shows different places where people go for day recreation. Such as swimming beaches, forests with walking routes, but also restaurants and shopping centers. The colors green, orange and red indicate whether it is quiet or busy in these locations. The map also provides information about the opening hours of the chosen recreation area. And is it too busy? Then the map will suggest similar places to visit.

The map involved collaborating with local entrepreneurs in the recreation and catering sector and managers of recreation areas.


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