Secondary school in Assen imposes mandatory masking


The Vincent van Gogh College in Assen introduces a mandatory mask for students. All secondary school students must cover their mouths and noses at the Larch location during class.

“The number of corona infections is increasing,” says director Koos Nieuwland on Friday Heart of the Netherlands. “Quite a lot of colleagues and students from all kinds of holiday areas will return in the coming days and we don’t really know about infections from the age of fifteen,” he explains.

The director says that the school has therefore thought “about the risks with 1,100 students in the house”. Nieuwland does not want to run the risk, he says. “I don’t want it in my region that a student or teacher keeps close to five feet and still gets infected.”

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‘Situation is different now’

In June, students did not have to keep their distance, but according to the school director, the situation was also different then. “Corona was under control, infections were declining and there was no hassle about young people aged 15 and over,” he explains.

Now the Vincent van Gogh College is therefore introducing a mandatory mask for pupils aged fifteen or older. They must wear a mask in the room and in the hallway. Older students must also bring their own. Outside it can be off again, says Nieuwland. “So the students sit with a mouth mask on for a maximum of 100 minutes.”

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The new school year starts on Monday and the measure will initially apply for two weeks. “Then we have the figures from the RIVM and we also know about the contagiousness,” the director says in conclusion. “Before the summer it was beautiful in Drenthe, if it is like this again on September 1, we will stop immediately.”

Image: Meter press agency


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