“Second warmest day ever measured in Uccle with 36.5 degrees”, says weatherman Frank Deboosere


It was predicted: today has become a very warm and sunny day. “We are not breaking records, but we are in third place in terms of the hottest days in Uccle, with 36.5 degrees this afternoon. In Roeselare it was even warmer with about 36.9 degrees. Generally speaking you can say that this was a very very tropical day, “says weatherman Frank Deboosere.

Across the country, maximums are quoted from 33 to 36 degrees, both on the coast and inland. And those temperatures are accompanied by a lean, hot southeast wind. The RMI has announced code orange for most of the country and is asking people to be vigilant.

“With such very high temperature values, certain measures to be taken will be necessary: ​​drink regularly, dress lighter, spend the day in cooler rooms, regularly monitor health, take in easily digestible food (and in smaller portions), doors and windows keep closed to keep heat out. Be prepared and follow the advice of the competent authority, “says the RMI council.


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