Second candidate emerges for Club NXT’s place in 1B


After the decision to play with eighteen clubs in 1A this season, it was a matter of looking to touch eight more clubs in 1B. As an emergency solution, Club Brugge’s promises were added to the series for one season, but that decision is not well received everywhere. Roeselare already claimed Club’s place in the series and now a second team is claiming the place.

Virton also wants to take the place of Club NXT. The Ardennes were obliged to relegate to the amateur series after they were not given a license, but hope to be able to play in 1B through the court. The Brussels court is examining their case, but there does not seem to be a ruling before the start of the competition.

“We are quite convinced of our case and have confidence in it,” says the club through lawyer Martin Hissel. The last news. “The crux of the matter is: was Virton’s license file in order? We think that we essentially met the conditions. New elements have come to light, such as Waasland-Beveren being right in the summary proceedings judge in Dendermonde. Waaslanders were right from the start, but different procedures were needed to shake up the Belgian football bobos. Virton draws on that example. ”

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