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Anyone leaving or returning from a holiday this weekend must expect heavy traffic in some places in Europe. It threatens to become very busy in France, among other places.

Today is the “second black Saturday” in France, mobility organization VAB reports.

Bison Futé, the French traffic information service, expects extremely heavy traffic on French roads on Saturday. The A10 and A7 motorways to and from the south, among others, are to be avoided during the day. The road conditions would be better on Sunday.

Travel assistance insurer VAB points to an accident on the A7 between Lyon and Orange, which has already caused a kilometer-long traffic jam on Saturday morning. It is already very busy on the A10 Paris-Bordeaux, says VAB. There are already traffic jams on the alternative routes to the south.

On the A86 around Paris you have to count 10 minutes extra. On the A10, A71 Paris – Vierzon: +45 minutes.

This busyness is currently comparable to that of last year, according to the VAB.

Further in Europe, holidaymakers heading for Slovenia currently have to queue for 1 hour 45 minutes for the Karawanken tunnel in Austria, VAB recalls. On the Gotthard tunnel, cars can drive through well, and there were no major traffic jams in Germany on Saturday morning either.

Overview of the VAB


South direction

Route via Luxembourg – Lyon – Spanish border: 1 hour 50 minutes extra (last week that was 3 hours 35 minutes)

• A31 Luxembourg – Nancy: no delay

• A6 Beaune – Lyon: +5 minuten

• A7 Lyon – Orange: +1 hour 45 minutes

• A9 Orange – Spanish border: no delay yet

Route via Lille – Paris – Bordeaux – Spanish border: 1 hour 50 minutes extra (last week it was 2 hours 35 minutes)

• A10 Paris – Bordeaux: +1 hour 45 minutes

• A63 (0) Bordeaux – Spanish border: +5 minutes

Route Paris – Narbonne via Limoges (A71, A20, A62, A61): 40 minutes extra (last week it was 1 hour 25 minutes)

Route Paris – Narbonne via Clermont-Ferrand (A71, A75, A9): 40 minutes extra (last week it was 1 hour 40 minutes)

Route Orange – Italian border (A8): no delay

North direction:

No delays anywhere yet


In Germany it is quieter in all places than last week, except towards Denmark.

Outbound traffic:

• A3, A9, A99, A8 Würzburg – Munich – Salzburg (Austria): 25 minutes delay (last week it was 35 minutes)

• A5 Waldorf – Karlsruhe: +5 minutes (last week it was 35 minutes)

• A7 Hamburg – Flensburg (towards Denmark): +1 hour 50 minutes (last week it was ‘only’ 50 minutes)


South direction:

If you drive via Austria to Slovenia, you have to take into account a total of almost 4 hours extra for the Karawanken tunnel (last week it was 6 hours). There are border controls and road works there.

An alternative route is via Italy (Udine and Trieste) to Slovenia.


South direction:

• For the Gotthard tunnel: 15 minutes delay (last week it was 55 minutes)


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