Search for a man who wanted to save children in the North Sea Inland


The Coast Guard reports this. The search is underway near Julianadorp. The children for which the man took action are safe. However, he was no longer seen, according to the Coast Guard.

Lifeboats from the KNRM and a SAR helicopter have been deployed. The Rescue Brigade of the Netherlands is also participating.

A spokesman for the Rescue Brigade informs De Telegraaf that they are going to search the sea with extra equipment.

Dangerous mice for days

Once again, the emergency services are calling for caution because of dangerous rip currents. As a result, people can be dragged into the sea.

Sunday morning, the body of a 15-year-old boy was found swimming with Monster on Friday night, with two other teenagers. The three ran into problems. Passers-by were able to save two teenagers.

The Rescue Brigade cannot indicate whether there have been more incidents than average in recent days. “We don’t have a picture of that yet.” The mui flow has been there for a few days.


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