Schuurs: ‘Bogarde has been very busy with me in recent weeks’


Perr Schuurs is busy training with Winston Bogarde to become a better defender. The former Ajax player now belongs to the technical staff of Ajax 1 and Schuurs hopes to use him to provide the necessary details in his development.

“Everyone knows what kind of defender Winston was,” Schuurs begins to tell opposite The Telegraph. ‘He could use his strength like no other and he has been very busy with me in recent weeks. He wants to convey all that to me too. That is only good for me, I can take advantage of it. I have to become more ruthless. ‘

Not only does Schuurs have to become more ruthless, he also has to keep it up for ninety minutes. Last season he made a big mistake against AZ and Getafe and that should not happen again. ‘I think that has to do with concentration, because I made those mistakes in the last minutes. I know what to do better. I want to show myself as best I can now. I must now seize the opportunity that I get. Becoming a basic player of Ajax is now a real goal. ‘

At the start of the preparation for the previous season, Schuurs also seemed to be facing his breakthrough. Yet someone still stood in his way, although Schuurs only looks positively at his competitor back then. “Veltman came back very strong and I actually only played when he wasn’t available.”

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