Schmidt expresses transfer expectation: ‘That’s a bit unusual’


PSV started the training camp in Germany this week without any acquisitions, but Roger Schmidt hopes that there will still be transfers. A left back is needed high and an extra midfielder is also desirable.

“Our team is not ready yet”, Schmidt confirms to Voetbal International. “I’m happy with our team at the moment, but we don’t have a single new player yet. That’s a bit unusual after three weeks of preparation. At the same time, I see it as an advantage. Now I have the chance to play the players who there are, to get to know even better. “

The trainer tries to see the benefits, but is clear. ‚ÄúNevertheless, we are looking in the transfer market for players who can make us better and give us more options. The people responsible are preparing that behind the scenes. When we find them – and it is possible to attract players – then we will we will not fail to do so. But that is in the background. I focus on the training and development of the team. ”

The German Kicker reported that PSV has also had its eye on RB Leipzig goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo. Although that is not the case, according to the people of Eindhoven, Schmidt does not rule out anything. “That story is the same for the forwards, midfielders, the defenders and also the keepers: we look at every position. If there is a chance to strengthen our selection, we will.”

Schmidt emphasizes, however, that Jeroen Zoet and Lars Unnerstall make a good impression. “I cannot say that we are looking for a player in this or this position. There are always rumors in the preparation. At the moment I am satisfied with how things are going, also with the keepers.”


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