Schimmelpenninck: ‘Voicemail full of death threats’ | Entertainment


The Op1 presenter writes on Twitter that his voicemail would be flooded with death threats. His Swedish girlfriend would receive emails saying “I’m a pedophile.” Schimmelpenninck thinks it is a ‘smear campaign’. On Friday he also did not discuss the criticism of various journalists, but shared an old column that stated that the people who criticize him do it purely for their ‘right-wing populist supporters’.

Opposite RTL Boulevard Sander acknowledged that his choice of words “had been shot down the wrong way” and that he could have put it differently. “Perhaps I should have said ‘the prettiest’ or ‘the most striking’.”

According to Sander is his Self-podcast, which he collaborated with Jaap Reesema a kind of ‘pub way to go through the week’. The On 1The presenter talked about the behavior of the king’s daughter in the last broadcast Willem Alexander and queen Maximum on social media and calls her ‘the tastiest’ of the three. “Yes, we can’t ignore that,” says Sander. “She seems to be arrogant. In Wassenaar it is said that she already walks outside her princess slippers. ”


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