Scapino named as Brantano candidate buyer


The Dutch shoe seller Scapino, part of the Dutch Ziengs, is mentioned as a possible candidate to acquire Brantano. Ziengs bought Scapino in 2015 from the bankruptcy of the Macintosh Retail Group, of which Brantano was also a part.

Pol Schats (ACV Puls) said earlier that he had no good memories of the period when Scapino (Belgium) and Brantano were part of Macintosh.

The receivers of FNG Belgium do not answer questions about possible acquirers. “We negotiate with parties, but do not make any statements about names,” said curator Geert Van Deyck of the law firm Alexius.

Brantano’s regional managers announced yesterday that the staff should not hand over the shop keys. There would be an attempt to organize stock sales on Monday.

Now the scenario changes again. The chaos that we already knew in the past continues, ‘says an employee. The fact that the issue with the meal vouchers has not yet been resolved also leads to misunderstanding. It threatens to become difficult for the trustees to mobilize sufficient personnel for stock sales.


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