“Sari out”: Juventus coach marked as guilty


After the 1: 2 victory of Juventus, which sent Lyon to the quarter-finals of the Champions League due to the expensive foreign goal that Memphis Depay scored, the Italian media was determined and pointed an accusing finger at the person responsible for the defeat.

“Sari out” is written in “Totosport” while “Corriere dello Sport” reads: “Goodbye Maurizio”. It is no secret that the future of the veteran coach in Turin is unclear after he crawled towards the ninth consecutive championship of the old lady and the recent parade of rumors links Mauricio Pochettino, Gian Piero Gasparini and Simona Inzaghi to the coveted position following the failure.

Gazzetta dello Sport chose to be ambivalent: “Deep Night.” Juventus were close to making a huge comeback after falling behind from the 12th minute but a heroic comeback thanks to a pair of Cristiano Ronaldo was not enough after Lyon won 0: 1 in France.

On the other hand, the French media celebrated Lyon’s impressive achievement. “Welcome to the summit,” wrote Lakip, as the team returned to the quarter after six years in which things were less connected in the factory, and “La Parisien” read: “Lyon has invited itself to the table of the greats.” Eurosport found an intriguing way to compliment: “It was a robbery, but a well-planned robbery.”


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