Saramacca Supervisory Board employee also tested positive for COVID-19


As with the Paramaribo-Southwest commissioners ‘office, an employee of the Saramacca commissioners’ office also tested positive for COVID-19. Saramacca’s commissioner’s office is closed until Friday 14 August.

District Commissioner Sarwankoemar Ramai of Saramacca says that today it also appeared that a person who tested positive has entered the police station on Thursday 6 August and has visited various departments.

The police station will be thoroughly disinfected on Wednesday 12 August. Staff have been asked to stay at home for the next few days and to observe all COVID-19 precautions.

The staff of the administrative offices in the district will do their work on a low profile with the exception of the Jarikaba Wooncentrum administrative office, which will be closed.

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