Sapir Nissani: Her sentence has been rejected again, and will be handed down next week


The sentence of Sapir Nissani, who was convicted of causing death by negligence of the late mother Miriam, following a dispute that arose between the two in a pavilion in Kfar Saba and was due to be handed down today (Sunday) in the Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva, was postponed again. About her mother, while lying in her bed, an act that apparently led to the death of the mother about two months later in the hospital.

In May 2018, the prosecution filed an indictment against Nissani, for causing death by negligence, and recently sought to sentence her to three to nine months of community service. Although the former journalist admitted to the facts of the indictment, she claimed that her mother did not die due to the boiling oil spilled but due to the hospital’s negligence, a claim that was rejected by the court. As mentioned, Nissani has not appeared in court recently in several cases due to the suspicion that she was infected with the corona virus and due to the fact that she was in isolation.

Her sentence will be handed down only next week. “The court took considerable patience in her case in view of the nature of her arguments and the fact that she represents herself alone, but it seems inevitable at this time to determine that the defendant uses every possible reason to postpone sentencing in her case,” Judge Eliana Danieli wrote. Another week, and clarified that if Nissani does not present a document indicating that it was indeed infected with Corona the hearing will take place at that time. In addition, the judge ordered the state to take care of bringing Nissani to the hearing, in case she tried to evade him as well.

Nissani’s trial was initially quiet with a lot of media noise was often delayed due to the frequent replacement of Nissani’s representation and her refusal to be represented by both private lawyers and the Public Defender’s Office. In the past, the court also rejected allegations of unfair legal proceedings and convicted her of causing her mother’s negligent death in the verdict. “She admitted that she was debating whether to commit the act she committed, aware of the danger,” and after the deliberation she walked towards a dark passage with a pot of boiling oil. And when she intends to perform actions that are completely unreasonable to perform while being held in the said pot in these circumstances, the court ruled that the defendant committed an active act, which “is inherent in inherent danger, and the defendant’s awareness of it.”

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In addition, the court ruled that “all the considerations that the court must consider, including the sanctity of life and considerations of deterrence, along with the touchstone and in accordance with the State Attorney’s directive, which is the high degree of negligence in our case, lead to the severity of the act.” It is certainly not possible to determine that the accuser acted in such a case in such a way that the court must intervene in its discretion and determine that the conduct of the proceedings is contrary to the feelings of justice and fairness. ”


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