Santokhi: “Bouterse left debt of 2.5 billion euros” | NOW


Suriname has a total debt of more than 3 billion dollars (converted 2.5 billion euros). Surinam President Chan Santokhi announced this in a press conference on Monday, writes The True Time.

Santokhi calls the debt a “financial catastrophe.” He argues that the government of former President Desi Bouterse has done everything to complicate the work of the new government. “It is roughly sabotage of the highest order. It is evidence of improper, unethical and irresponsible government. You do not do that as a government towards the people of Suriname,” says Santokhi.

It would be a debt of more than 1.6 billion euros in foreign loans, about 840 million euros in domestic debt obligations and 140 million euros in domestic debts. 123 foreign loans have now been identified.

This year alone, Suriname is in arrears of 36.5 million euros in interest payments and the repayment of foreign loans.

3.4 billion euros cannot be found

More than 3.4 billion euros that the Bouterse government has received in the past ten years appears to be impossible to find. More than 3,600 civil servants were also hired six months before the May 25 elections, leading to an additional cost of nearly 7 million euros per month.

Santokhi next month on the controversial Bouterse. Bouterse was president of Suriname for ten years. Santokhi’s Progressive Reform Party (VHP) won 20 out of 51 seats in the election. Bouterse’s party, the National Democratic Party (NDP) won 16 of them.

The VHP has formed a coalition with the General Liberation and Development Party (ABOP) of former rebel leader Ronnie Brunswijk and two smaller parties.

Santokhi promised as party leader to tackle the major economic problems of Suriname and to improve ties with the Netherlands.


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