Sanda’s real friends want justice: “There existed … (Vorselaar)


The real friends of Sanda Dia (20) about the loss of their best friend. — © Kris Van Exel, rr

At the funeral of Sanda Dia (20), his father said these words: “Sanda and his real friends are an example for our society.” Those real friends are not members of student club Reuzegom, who are being prosecuted by the court for the fatal student baptism in 2018. They are a group of sympathetic students with the world at their feet. But with a scratch on their soul, because their best friend Sanda is no longer with them. After reconstructing Sanda’s last hours in this newspaper last week, they launched the hashtag #justiceforsanda hoping justice will come. Everyone should know that there was no better friend than Sanda. We miss his chat, his smile and eternal optimism. ”


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