Sanctions against disobedient places and recreation seekers in Bersaba and Ayo / Carolina


Disobedient holidaymakers go to Bersaba and relax in and along the creek. Photo: BIC Para

The license for recreational resorts in Suriname, which, despite the ban, still allow recreational visitors, will be revoked. District Commissioner Armand Jurel unnecessarily warns that the resorts must close their gates to the public to deal with the growing COVID-19 infestations. Recreation holders, plantation and village administrations are once again admonished not to be guilty of violating the precautions against COVID-19.

With the increasing rise of infections, measures have been announced by the Surinamese government, which decided to keep entertainment facilities closed. According to Jurel, large groups of citizens visit recreational resorts for rest and relaxation without neglecting the public interest in protecting COVID-19.

People relax undisturbed along the Ayo / Carolina plantation along and in the Suriname River and at La Prosperité plantation, parties are held along and in the creek of Bersaba. Jurel has agreements with the police to conduct additional surveillance and to act against disobedient holidaymakers.

In the interest of public order and safety, everyone is requested to provide support for compliance with the admonition to close the resorts and not to enter public swimming areas. There will also be action against people who stand in front of the shops, ignore the ban on gathering and indulge in alcohol poisoning.

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