San Antonio kept a playoff chance


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The battle for NBA playoff tickets is heating up. Tonight (Monday) the “basketball” games of the best basketball league in the world continued with the battle for a place in the top 8. The San Santono Spurs retained a chance to enter the playoffs after a victory over the Houston Rockets and rose to tenth place in the West with a third straight win. In the East, the Brooklyn Nets also achieved a third straight win and this time at the expense of the Orlando Magic.

San Antonio (38:32) – Houston (26:44) 105: 123
The Spurs continued their good form and interrupted the Rockets’ two straight wins. The dominance of the winner was evident with a great first half, which ended in 49:66. From there the gap only grew and peaked at 23 points during the third quarter. The aforementioned quarter was for the record only and the Spurs will continue to hope to finish in eighth place and meet Los Angeles Lycrave and LeBron James in the series.

San Antonio’s standout was Caldon Johnson, who recorded an impressive double-double of 24 points and 11 rebounds. In addition, Damar Drusen also did his thing with an impressive stat line of 23 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, with seven San Antonio players scoring in double digits. On the other hand, Russell Westbrook’s 20 points were not enough for the Rockets, who remained in fourth place.


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