Samsung promises up to three generations of Android updates on some Galaxy devices


Anyone who tries to untangle Samsung’s update policy today has work to do. It used to promise two years of updates, but the enormous range of devices did not always keep that promise. Now it comes with a new statement: OS updates up to three ‘generations’.

During the Unpacked 2020 event with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Tab S7, the manufacturer comes with an important promise: three generations of guaranteed Android updates on many Galaxy phones. The announcement came at the very end of the press conference and contains few clarifications.

According to The Verge, Samsung guarantees three years of Android updates on the S, Note and Z series. The best-selling A-series does not get that warranty because there the hardware is usually a limiting factor. The update warranty starts from the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Too much confusion

The update promise is important because Samsung has often missed the ball in the past. Updates were often delivered very late or not at all, to the frustration of the users. Unfortunately, the wording of Samsung is not very clear. The word ‘generations’ offers Samsung a little more leeway than ‘OS versions’ or ‘number of years’.

The promise is also very strong, because the Samsung line-up is large and renews annually. Finally, there are also specific provider models with proprietary software that fall within the update policy. The uncertainty surrounding the A models is not such good news.

During the presentation, the speaker says that OS updates are guaranteed for three generations and Samsung also confirms that later, but in the presentation itself ‘up to’ is written as you can see above. In recent years, Samsung has taken major steps towards better and more consistent updating, but by sowing so much confusion, it lacks the rock-hard guarantees that Nokia, for example, promises with every device sold. The coming years will be crucial for Samsung to prove itself.


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