Samsung Galaxy A50 receives August update today


A Samsung phone that always receives new security updates fairly smoothly is the Galaxy A50. This is not going to change anything this month, it appears this morning.

Galaxy A50 update augustus 2020

Since this morning, the latest security patch has been rolling out on the Galaxy A50 in many countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. We just described what this update brings in improvements, so that all works out well.

In any case, the August patch arrives in the form of a more than 136MB large download containing firmware version A505FNXXS5BTH1. The patch itself contains 61 fixes for the security of the Android OS, as well as 39 improvements for Samsung’s One UI. That’s quite a bit, although not all of them apply to the A50.

Because the update is really only security improvements – the ‘S’ of Security in version numbering – you will not encounter any functional changes. If this is the case, please let us know below. We did not come across anything on our device, at least.


You can now install the update OTA on the unbranded Galaxy A50 in the Netherlands and in Belgium. As usual, you have to wait a little longer if you want your branded A50 purchased directly from T-Mobile or Vodafone.

You will automatically be notified when the update is ready to be downloaded. Of course you can also check manually immediately: Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

(Thanks, Petra!)


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