“ Sale yields Anderlecht millions in amount ”


The number of surplus players is so high that Anderlecht is cleaning up. This week some superfluous players left Neerpede. And that also yields some money.

Viewed purely on the transfer amount, Anderlecht did not make much profit with the sales of Thomas Didillon (1.3 million, ¼ goes to Genk), Pieter Gerkens (0.7 million) and Kemar Roofe (5 million). But the profit can also be calculated in another area

Namely at the level of wages. If you add up the lost wages of the departed players and the paid transfer fee, you come up according to The newspapaer anyway at a considerable amount of around 13 million euros. However, there are still a lot to follow in the future, which could cause that amount to rise considerably.


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