Rutte to young people: Do not go to the elderly if you do not follow the rules | NOW


Prime Minister Mark Rutte urged young people at a press conference on Thursday evening not to visit the elderly or frail if they have not recently adhered to the corona measures. “You should not take that risk,” said the prime minister.

Rutte emphasized that young people not only have a responsibility for themselves, but also for others.

“Too many people are too close together, especially young people,” said the Prime Minister. “To them I say: if too many of you disregard the rules, you are a danger to your parents, grandparents and everyone around you. Corona is not over, it is no joke and it is stupid to pretend it is. ”

Rutte held the press conference together with Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) because the number of corona infections has increased rapidly in recent weeks.

According to the prime minister, a large part of these infections can be attributed to “birthdays or dinner parties with friends”. Rutte called for measures such as the one and a half meter rule, washing hands and staying at home and testing for complaints.

De Jonge: ‘We must rediscover the discipline’

Minister De Jonge emphasized once again the importance of having complaints tested and the associated quarantine obligation. “I am really shocked at what the GGDs say about the source and contact research. In March that research was still fairly limited. People now have dozens of contacts, who also do not answer the phone, so to speak.”

“If people complain on the one hand that the investigation is taking too long and on the other hand do not cooperate, then we are not doing well. Hence the strict tone, because we have to find the discipline again,” said the minister.

Rutte called it a “dangerous advance” that the corona virus in the Netherlands is working on. “We are in danger of forfeiting the gains we have made.”

Later he added: “There is not yet a second wave, it is not that bad yet. But we must absolutely prevent the second wave from happening and that is only possible if everyone cooperates.”


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