Russian Athletics Federation Prevents Exile by Paying Millions of Fines | NOW


Three days before the deadline, the Russian athletics association paid a million-dollar fine to the international association World Athletic. That union threatened to end Russia’s membership if 5.3 million euros had not been paid before 15 August.

The Russian federation RUSAF was fined $ 10 million (8.5 million euros) in March for violating doping rules. Half of that should have been paid before July 1, but RUSAF was in default. World Athletics subsequently imposed an extra fine.

The Russian Ministry of Sport has now helped the national federation with what has been called an “unprecedented decision”. “A one-time subsidy has been given to RUSAF to further develop the sport and to be able to pay the fine to World Athletics.”

If RUSAF had not provided the money before August 15, it would have been out of the question for Russian athletes to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year.

Russia has been excluded since 2015

This opportunity still exists, however, because RUSAF must meet a large number of other conditions, including strict reforms. RUSAF must also commit to strict anti-doping rules.

Russia’s Athletics Federation has been banned from participating in international tournaments since 2015, after global anti-doping agency WADA found evidence of massive doping use among athletes from the country.

Russia is still challenging that punishment. In November, the CAS, the international criminal court for sports, will consider the case. While the case is ongoing, Russian World Athletic athletes are not allowed to participate in international events under a neutral flag.


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