Russia: Mass production of corona vaccine begins – news worldwide


The Russian government claims that it has managed to overtake companies from around the world in the race to develop a vaccine for the corona virus and will begin mass production of the new vaccine in early September and vaccinate the Russian population in October.

According to reports last month, the Russian vaccine had already been made available to all top Russian government officials in the midst of the corona plague several weeks ago.

Russian Industry Minister Dennis Mentorov told the TAS news agency that the vaccine is currently being developed at the Moscow Retirement Institute, which is the national research center for epidemics and microbiology, which is expected to begin mass production next month.

“We plan to start mass production in September. We can ensure production volumes of several hundred thousand vaccine units a month, with an eventual increase to several million early next year,” he said, adding that the vaccine will be produced at three centers in central Russia.

At the weekend, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that “clinical trials have been completed and paperwork is now being done to register the vaccine.”

He said another vaccine is currently being developed by Vector Laboratory in Siberia and is in the clinical trials phase and two more vaccines will begin clinical trials in the coming months.

Officials in Russia announced several weeks ago that they intend to approve the main vaccine, which they say was developed in Russia by August 10, and sell it to various countries around the world, including India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, which the sources said were interested in the Russian vaccine.

However, experts around the world question the safety of the Russian vaccine, claiming that the speed with which Russia developed the vaccine indicates a lack of safety tests and shortening of the testing and approval procedures required for the vaccine.

They warned that “a weak vaccine may be more harmful than no vaccine at all, as it gives the vaccinated person a false sense of security.”


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