Roué Verveer tired of accusations of racism: ‘Humorless too much attention’ NOW


Roué Verveer’s jokes are increasingly labeled as racist and sexist, but those accusations reject the comedian. He says in an interview with Saturday The Telegraph that people without humor get too much honor.

“We should start teasing each other again without immediately calling in victim assistance,” says the 47-year-old comedian.

Verveer says he is getting tired of the accusations. “I have been joking for ten to fifteen years about how men and women interact with each other. And about the behavior of population groups, whether they are Moroccans or Hindus. I have never had complaints about that for all these years, until now. draw my conclusion: it is not my problem, it is the complainants’ problem. Something has changed there, not with me. ”

According to Verveer, there is a large group of people with a lot of humor, and only a small group of “humorless”. Yet it is especially the last group that demands a lot of attention, according to the comedian. “The humorless nowadays receive far too much honor, attention and platform. Everything is immediately wrong, everything is immediately racist, everything is immediately misogynistic.”

The comedian thinks it is a bad thing that especially comedians are now often put to the test.

Experiences with racism

Verveer thinks racism itself is a serious matter. “As a student in Amsterdam, I never entered the clubs around Leidseplein. Too crowded, only for members. My friends didn’t get in either.”

Yet he is optimistic. “By the way, my two sons are coming in everywhere these days. It’s going to be okay. If we start laughing a bit more at each other.”


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