Rotterdam police throw protesters without masks on the receipt Inland


Police had asked the demonstrators to leave the area where they were demonstrating or put on a mask. Thirty protesters did not respond to this. That’s why they were fined.

According to the police, the atmosphere became grim for a moment, but officers were quickly able to de-escalate this and the group was led back to Schouwburgplein.

About fifty opponents of the facemask obligation in the center of Rotterdam were led out of the center by agents. The group held an unannounced demonstration against the facemask obligation and disrupted tranquility in the city center.

Since Wednesday, a mouth mask is mandatory in parts of Rotterdam. “A few people remain, but most people are led away by the officers,” said a police spokesman. The details of the people who remain are recorded by the police.

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb thinks the behavior of the protesters is irresponsible and of little solidarity, he says in an explanation of the obligation to use masks that has been in force since Wednesday from 6 am in parts of the center, markets and two large shopping centers. Aboutaleb even spoke of antisocial behavior. “You can protest. It is part of our democracy, but deliberately protesting in such a busy place without a mask is not tolerable. There is enough space at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. ”

Non-medical mouth mask

In Rotterdam, people have to wear a non-medical mask between 06:00 and 22:00 at locations such as the Coolsingel, the Lijnbaan and the covered shopping centers Alexandrium and Zuidplein.


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