Rotterdam mourns a girl (15) stabbed to death ‘after a quarrel’ | Inland


The drama took place around a quarter past eight in a house in a porch apartment. Agents were quickly on site with other emergency services and immediately began CPR. A trauma team from the trauma helicopter was flown in to support the ambulance team.

Despite all the help, the girl died there. In addition to the victim and the suspect, about four people were inside the house. The police took care of the other people present.


The girl’s death hit like a bomb. “It is terrible, another young girl who has now been snatched from life. What a drama ”, says one resident.

Another resident knows the family and has received a call from friends. “I thought, it is not too bad, there are more police in the area. But then I heard it was about them. Sad to hear it is known. It’s such a sweet family, the mother is active at our school. ”

According to the man, it concerns a Moroccan-Netherlands family with two more daughters. “We heard that it was a fight between school friends, who were talking to them. Why one of them took a knife …. I don’t know. ”

Research is ongoing

The identity of the victim is not yet known, according to the police. Agents are now trying to find out. In addition, the police is currently busy with an investigation to find out what exactly happened in the house.

The police speak of “a very sad event” and are investigating what preceded the stabbing and what the relationship is between suspect and victim.

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