Room De Koning closed after several coronavirus infections at parties


The famous conference center The king in Amsterdam, the municipality is closed immediately after several infections with the corona virus have been established. The Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region reports this on Saturday. Turkish, Moroccan and Hindustani weddings are often organized at De Koning.

A report from the GGD shows that at least three clusters with corona infections can be traced back to parties in the building. It also appears that the conditions of the emergency ordinance were violated during the parties. It is not clear which parties are involved in these cases.

In view of the risks to public health, the location will be closed immediately for a period of two weeks.

The GGD and Safety Region ask people who have visited De Koning Party & Events to be extra vigilant. In case of complaints, it is urgent advice to stay at home and to make an appointment for a corona test.

The GGD and the Safety Region also urge everyone to take his or her responsibility and to remain alert to compliance with the corona rules. That means keeping enough distance, even during weddings and when going out.

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