Roni Gamzo’s Council: Without Sephardic Haredim


a a A The corona’s professor, Professor Roni Gamzo, has appointed a public advisory council to Magen LeIsrael, the body that coordinates the fight against the corona virus. However, for reasons that are not clear, the council traded only ultra-Orthodox representatives from the Hassidic and Lithuanian public, while the Spanish ultra-Orthodox public does not get a representative on the council that influences the decisions.

The ultra-Orthodox elected to the committee: Rabbi Hanania Chulk, Avraham Justman, Yossi Deitch and Arik Adler.

The Shas were outraged this evening (Thursday) at Gamzo’s decision to exclude the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox public and defined it as a “scandal.”

The chairman of the Shas faction, MK Michael Malkieli, said: “The exclusion of ultra-Orthodox Mizrahi representatives from the National Advisory Council for Magen Israel is a disgrace and disregard for the common struggle to cut off the chain of infections from the corona virus.”

He said, “It is a real scandal that a national council is being set up to advise Magen Israel in order to deal with the corona virus, and no ultra-Orthodox Mizrahi representative for medicine has been found to be a member of the council. Such ego and respect considerations, in the end, are the ones that will hurt the common struggle to eradicate the infinite attachments. The representatives who know and are connected to the field and the communities, are the real people who can help and assist at the end of the day. “

“I call on the National Advisory Council for Magen Israel to come to its senses and add more members tonight so that together we can compete and win,” Malkieli said.


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