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Ronen Tzur, a former adviser to Blue and White chairman Bnei Gantz, and one of the leaders of the unity agreement, spoke with Judy Shalom Nir Mozes on 103fm about the serious coalition crisis, Bnei Gantz’s difficult political situation and the possibility of running in the election.

Ronen Tzur served as a Knesset member for several months on behalf of the Labor Party led by Rabin, and admitted that we do not rule out his return to politics: “We all toy with the thoughts from time to time. Maybe one day it will ripen into something real.”

He addressed the severe coalition crisis, the shadow of the Corona virus and the economic crisis, a million unemployed and uncertainty. Is Israel facing another election campaign? “The direction seems to be quite clear. It seems that Netanyahu is trying to escape, to dismantle the existing construction for a transitional government.”

Zur said he did not talk to blue-and-white chairman Benny Ganzmaz. He stopped accompanying him in the election campaign, but tried to assess where he was headed. In his opinion, Bnei Ganz tasted the taste of politics The very, very problematic situation he got into. Or he says ‘that experience was enough for me and I move on’.

“I think this is the dilemma he is in, I would not be surprised if he said ‘Okay, I tried, I did, I came the closest, and I do not feel like it anymore.’ I do not know how to say information, I did not talk to him. ”

According to the polls: After Blue and White entered the unity government, contrary to their promise that they did not sit in government under a criminal defendant, there was a dramatic deterioration in their seats. In Tzur’s opinion, with everything that has happened in recent months, both Ganz and his team need to check themselves. I thought and still think, when making the decision when the corona started hitting, the uncertainty and level of shock was so great, with the streets empty, people dying one after another That, the economy was about to collapse, faced Gantz and Netanyahu making a difficult decision.

” They both did not have a government of 61 and they had to make a decision whether to go for unity or elections and in the circumstances that were then, there was no choice but to go for a joint government. But from here to reach a conduct that lowers blue and white to 9 seats? ”

He added: “I am not close to Netanyahu, not a friend of Netanyahu, and far from it. But the responsibility for Blue and White’s situation is not on Netanyahu, it is on those who lead Blue and White. No one can come and say that Blue and White has deteriorated because of Netanyahu. “A statement that I do not accept. It is the responsibility of Blue and White, just as it is the responsibility of Netanyahu that the Likud headed by him remains high. It is the responsibility of Blue and White and its leaders to remain high. The situation of Blue and White is not because of Netanyahu.”

“Netanyahu lost direction”

Judy Shalom Nir Mozes wondered who he thought would lead the party if Gantz decided to leave political life, would it be Ashkenazi? Tzur replied: “Gabi Ashkenazi has to make a decision even if he stays in politics and in what situation. In the meantime he does not talk much, there is no way to know from leaders who do not talk to the public often. I think it is a fatal mistake of leaders not to talk to the public and not create an agenda. “The one who has been creating an agenda in recent months is just one person, and blue and white is her basic mistake. Blue and white and her friends do not talk enough in the media.”

She also wondered whether, as one of those responsible for the unity government, he and Moti Sander could make a compromise between the Likud and Blue and White and thus prevent the election. Former advisor to Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz replied: “If action is required we will do it. “The country is crashing because of ego considerations and this will eventually lead to the public condemning these people.”

According to him, “Netanyahu is making a fatal mistake here because unlike the situation this time around, he is different, just as the Corona does not distinguish between blue and white voters and the Likud, so the economic crisis, unemployment and terrible distress do not distinguish between Likud voters and blue and white voters.”

He added: “Netanyahu has lost direction. As he did not anticipate the inability to form a government in three election campaigns, and his losses in both the party and the bloc alternately in the three campaigns, he is not reading the map even now. If there are elections I estimate he will ying.”

Recently, reports began that Modiin Mayor Haim Bibbs wanted to form a party, as well as allegations that he was sent by Netanyahu. Ronen addressed the issue, saying: “It could very well be that his name is used. Haim Bibbs is a serious man, who can occupy a very significant position in public political life in the Premier League. He should not be tempted to go for all sorts of weird patents.”


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