“Ronaldo was not enough for Juventus”, “Goodbye Maurizio”


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ONE System | 08/08/2020 09:09
Italian newspapers against Sari (Twitter)

Italian newspapers against Sari (Twitter)

When Juventus brought Cristiano Ronaldo to boot country two years ago to great acclaim, the goal was clear – to win the Champions League. So while the old lady has since won two championships, the second of which about two weeks ago, in the Champions League the results are a huge disappointment. Last year it was a surprising relegation by Ajax in the quarterfinals and this year even worse – last night (Friday) relegation in the quarterfinals by French side Lyon despite a 1: 2 victory in Turin, which did not erase the 1: 0 in France.

Italian newspapers did not feel sorry for the old lady. In the Gazzetta dello Sport they went out with the headline “Night of Rest” next to a picture of frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo on the grass, and added a quote from the disappointed Aneili: “Now we have to assess the situation.” The quote of course refers to coach Maurizio Sari, about whom they wrote in the Gazette: “Sari at risk: the shadow of Simona Inzaghi and Zidane” – a reference to the two candidates to replace the coach.

End-of-season atmosphere: Sari did not hold back and was caught

The Gazette’s website also commented on Ronaldo himself and wrote “the phenomena of the phenomenon were not enough”, referring to the duo he won, adding a poll to fans – should Sari stay. Meanwhile 66% said he should be fired and only 34% said he should be given another chance.

The other two major newspapers were tougher on Sari. The title of the Corriere dello Sport was “Goodbye Maurizio”, also next to a picture of the disappointed Ronaldo, while in “Totosport” they went for the title “Sari out” with pictures of Ronaldo and Sari himself and added: “This is a failure of Sari, who failed To present a convincing game. “

Maurizio Sari (Reuters)Maurizio Sari (Reuters)

In France, on the other hand, they were naturally happy and L’Aquip’s headline was “Welcome to the summit.” With a picture of Lyon players celebrating in Turin. Nothing to do, this night was all theirs.

Lyon players celebrate with Memphis Depay (Reuters)Lyon players celebrate with Memphis Depay (Reuters)


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