‘Romeo’ Gunther Levi goes for the first time in twenty years …


More than twenty years ago it is that ‘Family’ actor and singer Gunther Levi once again stood alone on stage. He changes that with his new solo project ’60, 70, 80 ‘. He immediately reassures: this is not the end of De Romeo’s.

The recordings of family that stood still for a while, recordings of #LikeMe that have been postponed for a year, but especially no more performances with De Romeo’s. Gunther Levi’s agenda looked very empty due to the corona virus. It turned out to be the ideal moment to realize an idea that has been maturing for ten years. So he is now going solo with his project ’60, 70,80 ‘.

“Let it be clear: I am not quitting De Romeos,” says Levi. “They still come first. A peak summer was planned, but the virus decided otherwise. It was through them that I found out how much I miss it all. Those few gigs we have done together in recent weeks were such a joy and made me realize that in addition to acting, singing is one of the things I can’t miss. ”


With his new project he mainly focuses on small parties and events. “People can choose the music from any of those three decades,” he says. “Although it was time consuming, I already had a great time selecting the songs. I only sing covers: Wham, U2, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cliff Richard… you name it. ”

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Fans of De Romeo’s shouldn’t worry. The trio also continues to perform.
Photo: Jan Van der Perre

Although Levi has been on stage with De Romeo’s for seventeen years now, he still finds it exciting. “It has been more than twenty years since I performed solo again. It is a new challenge, which I rather see as an extra. The music of the 60s and 70s has always interested me and I grew up with that of the 80s myself. I am already looking forward to entertaining people with this repertoire. ”


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