ROG Zephyrus G14: Compact, powerful and quiet


Compact, powerful and quiet, this is how I would describe the Zephyrus G14 – the new gaming laptop from the computer giant ASUS, which offers processing power to run the most powerful games on the market in a 14-inch package only.

A gaming computer is the main weapon with which digital players go into battle (beyond peripherals like headphones and game controllers) so it is very important to choose the device that meets the player’s most basic needs: good processor, strong cooling system, video card and quality monitor, and will not hurt to see Good on the road.

Let’s start with the look and structure – this small laptop comes with a profile of 17.9 mm and weighs only 1.6 kg, which is perfect for mobility, both in terms of storage and carrying. One of my favorite things about this computer is actually the designed lid based on LED technology, and gives you options to customize the look with AniMe Matrix, and the option to add animations and effects to your computer as you wish.

The second part I liked is what is under the lid, although the case thickness is less than 20mm, Zephyrus G14 includes a unique cooling system that supports the exclusive AMD Ryzen 4th generation processor and a graphics card model up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. We ran some of the most demanding games in terms of Hardware in the market, with the new titles in the RESIDENT EVIL, DOOM series, some recent sports games and even resource-driven strategy games, and we did not experience a single drop in frames, hiccups or stuttering during the game, most of the time we did not even hear the computer work, and so it should be. Because in each of the games we tested we used the most graphically demanding definitions of the game.

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The computer comes with two monitors to choose from – a monitor with a high refresh rate or a monitor with a high resolution, both with color calibration from PANTONE and AMD FreeSync technology, for support for advanced gaming users or for various jobs in the field of graphics. You can choose between a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a monitor with WQHD resolution, to upgrade the gaming experience or create content.

In addition, with more than 10 hours of battery and support for charging from a portable battery via a Type-C connection, this is a laptop that is ready for long trips, and precisely here the relatively small display is convenient to view and operate during flights or car trips with people. I must note that while working at home it took me a while to adjust to the 14-inch screen (I am used to larger screens), but the quality won the habit and even if I sometimes connected it to a larger screen for proportions, still the image quality on the screen helps to forget the size , And that you’ve immersed in a good plot in a game or the last set in battle, it’s really not noticeable.

It is impossible to summarize without talking about the price and here too it is good news, the models are available for purchase from authorized resellers at a price starting at NIS 4,690, expensive for a student computer or a standard laptop for day-to-day work, but cheap when it comes to a quality laptop for gamers. The needs (not just the basic) of the players in the current era.


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