Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game in production, more info during DC Fandome


More information about the Suicide Squad Game by Rocksteady, developer of the Batman Arkham games, will be announced during DC Fandome on August 22.

A tweet with an image of Superman on it was sent to the world via the official Rocksteady Studios Twitter account, except that there is a logo of the Suicide Squad on his head as a kind of visor.

The post reads “Target in Sight – #DCFanDome – August 22 #suicidesquadgame,” meaning Rocksteady will reveal more about the Suicide Squad game that previously registered domain names at the DC digital event.

This photo, along with the short text that accompanies it, may indicate that the Suicide Squad must deal with an evil Superman. Perhaps the title is based on the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic in which Superman turns his back on humanity after Joker kills his family. That is only speculation and we have not received confirmation for this.

Previously, unused concept footage from a canceled Superman game surfaced and check out the logo James Gunn uses for The Suicide Squad movie he’s directing here.


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