Rocket League: Transfer the guard and progress between the consoles


Psyonix has announced that in the coming months, the Rocket League game will become free. The company is now updating on another feature that many have been waiting for: Cross-platform progression of players between consoles. This means that very soon players will be able to, for example, take their sets account, and merge and transfer their progress with the PSN account at Sony, or transfer advanced save to Nintendo Switch, thus continuing to play mobile away from home.When the update is released during the summer, users will have to log in to their user account at Afik’s store, and from there they will have the option to perform the merger between all the accounts they choose. This means that players will have to enter the usernames and passwords of the other platforms like Sets, Xbox Live, PSN or Nintendo Switch Online.

Players will then have to choose what is the main platform they are interested in from which to share progress to the other platforms. Players who regret will always be able to return to them and return to the status quo if they wish. The progress that will be shared will include all the Free Drops, all the prizes and titles that the players have earned during the season, all the items bought in stores, and all the expansion packs of the game.

It is important to note that items unique to certain platforms will remain exclusive and will not be shared between accounts. This means that vehicles like those of Super Mario and Samos belong exclusively to the Nintendo Switch console, so players will not be able to move these vehicles between platforms and consoles. Currently, even non-digitally purchased expansion packs (those that came in a disc version) will not be shared either.

Along with the new update will also come a change to the in-game exchange system of items, mainly to try to prevent scams: players will be able to make exchanges on items only between the same consoles and platforms. New players who want to start making exchanges in the game market will be required to buy at least 500 credits (the game’s digital currency), or purchase the game before it becomes free.

The release date for the long-awaited update has not yet been announced, and Psyonix is ​​still talking about a time frame that says “Summer”. Which makes us wonder when exactly during the summer, because we are already at the end of August.


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