Road Accidents: Two killed in North and South within hours


The carnage on the roads continues: Within a few hours, two people were killed today (Thursday) in road accidents, including one that occurred near Tzipori and another that occurred in the Arava. In a car accident that occurred on Route 79, a man in his 20s was found lifeless after being trapped under a truck after lengthy rescue operations.

MDA paramedic Tawfiq Basul said: “Firefighters operated for long hours and with the help of a special crane and tractor took the vehicle captured in its entirety under the truck and rescued the driver, a man in his 20s unconscious with extremely severe multi-system injury. He was without signs of life and we have no choice but to determine his death at the scene of the accident. “

The vehicle was crushed under a truck in the north (Photo: Police spokeswoman)

Earlier in the night, a 37-year-old man was killed in a frontal car accident on Route 90, near the Beit HaArava junction. MDA medics and paramedics who were called to the scene evacuated four wounded to the hospital, with their condition defined as mild.

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